SIF309 Film Music was recorded the original soundtrack for the  movie “Nieve Negra” of the director Martin Hodara. Music composed by Zacarias M. de la Riva.


SIF 309 Film Music gladly welcomed the esteemed Spanish composer Roque Baños for two movie titles he is working on.

"En Zona Hostil” of the director Adolfo Martínez Pérez and “1898. Los Ultimos De Filipinas” of the director Salvador Calvo are the new original scores performed by the musicians of Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra - SIF 309, conducted throughout the recording process by Mo Baños himself.


The original soundtrack for the new episode of “Brice de Nice” directed by James Huth announced for October 2016 was composed by Bruno Coulais and recorded by the musicians of Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra – SIF 309.


“The Singing Shoes” is a new Bulgarian movie of the director Radoslav Spassov revieling the life of the esteemed Bulgarian singer Lea Ivanova. The original soundtrack was created by prof. Viktor Chouchkov and performed by Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra – SIF 309 while Borislav Chouchkov is taking part in the movie as Lea’s husband.


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