“A Dose of Happiness” is the debut movie as a director of the actress Yana Titova.

The movie follows the true story of the journalist Vessela Toteva and her tough battle to find her own happiness through the specific dynamic of the 90-ties.


The music composition was committed to the British Christopher Barnett. He was named 'Best Film Music Composer: UK' and 'Best Original Score for a Documentary: The First Film (2015)' in the Media Awards and 'Most Outstanding Film Music Composer' in the Global Excellence Awards for his music for David Nicholas Wilkinson's 2015 EIFF nominated documentary, 'The First Film' (Film4).


On September 27th was the premiere day of “Un peuple et son roi” (a.k.a. “One Nation, One King”) in Paris. A film written and directed by Pierre Schoeller and screened in the out of competition program at the Venice Film Festival 2018.

Wonderfully wild, virtuoso and bold music, composed and directed by Schoeller Philippe,
assisted by Marc Marc Hazart. Performed and recorded by Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra – SIF 309 in March 2018.


The new original soundtrack for the movie “Semper Fi” of the Academy Award-nominated director Henry-Alex Rubin was recently recorded with our orchestra.


The nostalgic music for this heart-felt crime thriller about brotherhood and the ties that bind in which loyalty plays the greatest role of allwas composed by Hanan Townshend, known for his brilliant work on Terrence Malick’s movie “The Tree of Life”.


“Traditional Bahraini Women’s Songs” is the new album of our esteemed composer Dr. Mubarak Najem.

This is his third time to work with our orchestra in Bulgaria and this time his compositions were dedicated to the traditional Bahraini women songs revealing their tenderness and beauty to their maximum wrapped with classical sounding.


The CD was released on October 24 in the framework of the 27th Bahrain International Music Festival and was commissioned by The Office of Her Royal Highness Wife of The King of Bahrain.

The upcoming BBC/Netflix mini-series Watership Down, directed by Noam Murro (300: Rise of the Empire) and scored by Federico Jusid was recorded in July 2018 with our orchestra. The series based on Richard Adams’ classic novel is set in the idyllic rural landscape of southern England and follows a band of rabbits on their flight from the intrusion of man and the certain destruction of their home.


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