Depending on the orchestra formation size of your project, we  can provide you with appropriate recording studio each one with excellent acoustics and high standard technical equipment supported by qualified team.

We have worked and continue working with well-known sound engineers such as: Marco Streccioni, Geoff Foster,  Nick Wollage, Didier Lozahic, Didier Lizé, James “Bonzai” Caruso, Simon Derasse, Matt Howe, Bruno Mercere,  Jean Marc - Pinaud, Stephane Reichart, Matteo Cifelli, Jean-Baptiste Brunhes,  David White, Philip Avril, Patrick Sigwalt, Xavier Escabasse, Carl Sealove, Christian Eulitz,  Alessandro Vanara, Vincent Joinville, Philippe Laffont, Yasushi Sakurai, Uli Auer, Thomas Koritke, Stephane Prin, Simone Ciammarughi, Sandro Franchin, Philip Welsh, Olivier Do Espirito Santo, Ludger Boeckenhoff, Luca Tassinari, Lorenzo Cazzaniga, Jocelyn Seilles, Jiri Heger, Jean Lamoot, Guillanne Samot, Fabio Patrignani, Alexandre Firla, Sava Lafsov, Vladislav Boyadjiev and many others.


    Studio 1 of  Bulgarian National Radio can easily accommodate a full symphony orchestra and choir. It is the largest one built for the purposes of symphonic recordings in Bulgaria.


    Technical Equipment and Musical Instruments

    Recording Studio – Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia (BG)


    Studio: Floor area: 420 m2

    Volume: 4500m3

    Reverberation time: 1.4s


    Control Room:Area: 31 m2

    Volume: 90m3


    * For orchestra groups separation – 3x iso panels w.big glass ,2x iso panels w.small glass, 4x iso panels w.out glass



    Solid State Logic Duality 48 ch.


    Pro Tools HDX3 Recording System Specifications:

    Pro Tools HD ver.11 - MacOSX

    Avid HD 16 i/o x3

    40 analog I/O


    Pro Tools video playback on 40” LCD screen (in the control room)

    Source Connect Live plug-in



    Genelec 1035 x2

    K+H O300 x2

    Genelec S30C (Tri-Amplified Monitoring System) x3



    Lexicon 960L

    Lexicon PCM 80

    t.c. electronic FireworX / (Studio Effects Processor)

    t.c. electronic Finalizer PLUS/96 / (Studio Mastering Processor)


    Musical Instruments at the Studio:

    2 Piano Steinway D

    2 Harps

    Vibraphone / Premier

    Marimba / Musser

    Xylophone / Musser

    Tubular bells / Musser

    Timpani / Premier

    Little & Big Gongs / Ludwig


    Microphone List:

    NEUMANN / U47 / 7 pcs

    NEUMANN / U87 / 21 pcs

    NEUMANN / U89 / 8 pcs

    NEUMANN / USM69 / 1 pc

    NEUMANN / KM84 / 8 pcs

    NEUMANN / TLM170 / 2 pcs

    AKG / C1000S / 1 pc

    AKG / C747 / 3 pcs

    AKG / D140 / 1 pc

    AKG / D224C / 7 pcs

    SHURE / SM’s / 9 pcs

    B&K / 4006 / 6 pcs


    Studio 6 of Doli Media is a brand new studio that perfectly fits orchestra formations up to around 40 musicians with one main and four smaller attached to the main one recording spaces allowing you to separate different instrument sections.


    Music Studio Acoustic Features

    • Volume 350m3, Floor Ares 76m2, Height 4.7m

    • Direct Visibility to Four Adjacent Recording Rooms and to the Control Room

    • Triple Massive Wall Isolation between any two Rooms

    • Soft Walls and Floors Connections to the Intermediate Partition – Floating Walls and Floors

    • Triple Massive Triplex Glassing Windows Isolation between the Rooms

    • Super High Sound Isolation Between any two Adjacent Rooms of more than 80dB STC

    • Extremely Low Noise Floor Level Confirming to NR12 Noise Criteria with 100% Air Conditioning

    • Flat Studio Reverberation Time Frequency Response, RT60 = 0.33 sec +/- 0.02 (125Hz-8kHz)

    • Perfect Reverberation Time Bass Ratio of 1.16

    • Pleasant Studio Room Spaciousness due to Several Types of Diffusor Treatments – BQI = 0.5

    • Studio Room Impulse Responses exhibit Nice Texture of Low Level Well Distributed Reflections

    • Low and Flat Recording Rooms Reverberation Time, RT60 = 0.13 sec +/- 0.02 (250Hz-8kHz)

    • LF Recording Rooms Reverberation Time, RT60LF= 0.23 sec (125Hz), RT60 LF = 0.3 sec (63Hz)


    Music Studio Equipment List



    Avid Euphonix S5 Fusion – 96 ch. – 24 faders



    ProTools HDX2 (Pro Tools 11) Pyramix 8 (MassCore  48) Nuendo  6


    Master Word Clock:

    Antelope Audio - Isochrone Trinity, 64 bits, oven controlled

    (10M option  on request)



    Unique custom  order  with BMS speakers



    (3) Neumann D-01

    (14) Neumann KM D – and  additional capsules for different  characteristics

    (7) TLM 103 D



    Merging Horus


    External Devices:

    Lexicon 960L, fully expanded



    Yamaha  C3 Studio grand



    Waves Mercury

    Avid Reel Tape Suite


    Remote Recording:

    Source-Live plugin

    ISDN - Eagle


    Small and cozy, Bakery is a studio intended for musical formations up to 12 musicians.



    • 42m2 studio

    • 5m2 iso booth

    • 25m2 control room

    • 16m2 chill out area



    • Pro Tools 8 HD DAW

    • Avid C24 mix controller – 24 faders 192 i/o 16/8

    • Lynx Sudio Aurora 16 (+LT‐HD) 16/16 analog and 16/16 aus/ebu

    • Apogee Big Ben Master clock

    • Avid MIDI bridge – 10 in/out to USB TC Electonics Reverb 4000

    • DBX 160 SL DBX 166 XL

    • Ultra Dyne 9024

    • ± ART 12 ch. Headphones amp

    • Millenium 6x4 ch. headphone distributors (total of 24 ch.)

    • SONY DAT recorder/player

    • Tascam TSR8 – 8ch. Open Reel Tape recorder



    • Avalon AD2022 2ch.

    • Avalon Vt 373sp 1ch. selectable Tube or Solidstate paths

    • Millennia HV‐3D 8ch.

    • Focusrite Red range 1 Quad Mic Pre 4ch.

    • C24 onboard 16 ch. hybrid pre‐amps



    • Neumann M149 var. pattern x1

    • Neumann U87 x1

    • Neumann U47fet x1

    • AKG C414 B‐ULS x1

    • AKG D224 x1

    • Gefell M70 x2

    • Beyerdynamic M201 N(C) x5 (incl. 2 matched pairs)

    • Sennheiser  MD441U x4

    • Sennheiser MKH105

    • Shure SM57 x4

    • Shure Beta58A x1

    • Shure Beta 52 x1

    • Shure SM91 x1

    • Rode NT2A x2

    • Audio Technica AT3035 x2

    • T.Bone DC 1500 ‐ (drum set) – 7 mic. T.Bone SC140 x4 (incl. 2 matched pairs)



    • Genelec 1037 pair

    • Yamaha NS10M pair

    • Adam AX pair (on request) Studio Instruments:

    • Yamaha C3 Grand piano

    • Tamburo Studio Drum set




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