Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra – SIF309, which is managed and consulted throughout the recording process by Mrs. Elena Chouchkova, was founded, aiming to create a formation meant to be perfect for original film music recordings, classical and contemporary as well as pop music recordings and, in general, for all kinds of recordings where orchestra presence is decisive.


    The best musicians of the Bulgarian artistic panorama were selected. At this moment we have more than 800 original music scores recordings performed by our orchestra to our credit we carried out in our long collaboration with some of the most famous film music production companies, music publishers and film companies, with composers such as Luis Bakalov, Ennio Morricone, Pino Donaggio, Carlo Siliotto, Nicola Piovani, Patrick Doyle, Antonello Venditti, Ritz Ortolani, Stelvio Cipriani, Manuel De Sica, Carlo Crivelli, Krishna Levy, Jean-Marie Senia, Bruno Coulais, Jean-Claude Petit, Nigel Clarke, Michael Csanyi-Wills, Frédéric Porte, Didier Lockwood, Hubert Bougis, Paolo Vivaldi, Andera Farri, Sergio Moure, Juan Bardem, Jose Ramon Guitierrez, Nobuko Toda, Federico Jusid, Laurent Ferlet, Gréco Casadesus, Ji Soo Lee and many other composers, whose names you can find in our credits section.


    We have also performed music scores for the movies of many world-famous film directors such as: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Francesco Rosi, Regis Wargnier, Damiano Damiani, Margarete von Trotta, Marco Belocchio, Michele Placido, Dario Argento, Josée Dayan, Anthony Waller, Giuseppe Ferrara, Giovanni Veronesi, Volker Schlöndorff, Robert Dornhelm, etc.


    Our orchestra was involved in the realization of the albums of esteemed singers such as Pink, Sylvie Vartan, Richard Clayderman, Sarah Blasko, Nicolle Croisille, Luciano Pavarotti, Pete Murray, Al Bano, Paolo Fornaro, Kirsty Bertarelli, David Garrett, etc.


    After a careful selection among all conductors in Bulgaria, we are proud to present to your attention the three Maestros with whom we are carrying out our projects when your production does not have its own conductor:


    • Deyan Pavlov

    • Grigor Palikarov

    • Ivan Kozhuharov


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